Cochrane Nordic and HPV vaccine safety



Cochrane Nordic, (and associates), has forwarded a complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over maladministration at the EMA in regards to the safety of HPV vaccines.

Cochrane Nordic’s corrrespondence with the EMA is accessible on this webpage:

I am alerting Cochrane Nordic to matters relevant to the safety of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, e.g.

  • the lack of evidence supporting multiple HPV vaccine doses;
  • the lack of evidence for prevention of cancer; 
  • the lack of scientific knowledge about HPV vaccination, i.e. scientists such as Professor Diane Harper admit “the mechanism of immunogenicity from a scientific perspective is poorly understood”;
  • the novel turbo-charged aluminium adjuvants in the VLP HPV vaccine products, which are reported to induce unnaturally high antibody titres, many fold higher than natural HPV infection;
  • the potential for a continuous shift in HPV types (‘type replacement’) as a result of vaccination, and the uncertainties this brings;
  • fear-mongering about the risks of HPV and misleading information; 
  • political interference in the implementation of HPV vaccination, e.g. in Australia, which had a domino effect in fast-tracking HPV vaccination around the world; 
  • the lack of independent and objective evaluation of HPV vaccination; and
  • the lack of ‘informed consent’ before HPV vaccination.

My correspondence to Cochrane Nordic can be accessed via the following hyperlinks:

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