The Forums…

Discussion on vaccination is generally polarised.  On the one hand we have the avidly pro-vaccination medical and scientific establishment, ‘the voice of reason’, on the other we have individuals and groups who are characterised as rabidly ‘anti-vax’.

Whose interests does this polarisation serve? It appears to serve the vaccine industry very well, as it creates a climate in which it is very difficult to raise legitimate concerns about vaccination practice.

I have attempted to raise discussion about vaccination on various forums, e.g. the university and CSIRO-funded The Conversation forum, and Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ forum.  These forums are in the main ‘pro-vax’, where challenges to the vaccination status quo are generally not welcome.  For example the ‘Bad Science’ forum has ‘permanently banned’ me from participating in that forum, an indicator of how difficult it is to openly question the growing list of vaccines being imposed on the population, particularly children.

I have also participated in discussion on controversial H5N1 influenza research on the Virology Blog.

See’s web pages on The Conversation, ‘Bad Science’ and the Virology Blog for discussion on matters pertinent to the vaccine industry.